How to maintain the motor

2020-09-02 10:41

How to maintain the motor

Regular maintenance of motor:

In order to make the motor work normally, in addition to the normal use according to the operating procedures and the normal care and maintenance in the process of operation, it is also necessary to carry out regular inspection and do a good job of motor maintenance. In this way, some defects can be removed in time to avoid the occurrence of faults and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the motor. The interval of regular maintenance can be determined according to the type of motor and considering the service environment.

The contents of regular maintenance are as follows.

1. Clean the 8-inch electric motor. Remove the dust and oil sludge outside the motor base in time. If the environment is dusty, it needs to be cleaned once a day.

2. Check and clean the motor terminals. Check whether the terminal screw of the junction box is loose or burned.

3. Check the screws of each fixed part of 10 inch electric motor, including anchor screw, end cover screw, bearing cover screw, etc. Tighten the loose nuts.

4. Check the driving device of electric motor, check whether the belt pulley or coupling is bold and damaged, whether the installation is firm, and whether the belt and its coupling buckle are in good condition.

5. For the starting equipment of the motor, the external dust should be cleaned in time. If you have enough, wipe the contact, check whether there are burn marks on the wiring parts and whether the grounding wire is in good condition.

6. Inspection and maintenance of bearings. The bearing should be cleaned and replaced with grease or oil after using for a period of time. The time for cleaning and changing oil should be determined by the working condition, working environment, cleanliness and lubricant type of the motor. Half of them should be cleaned once every 3-6 months and replaced with lubricating grease. When the oil temperature is high, or the motor with poor environmental conditions and more dust should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

7. Insulation inspection. The insulation capacity of insulating materials varies with the degree of drying, so it is very important to check the drying of motor windings. The electrical insulation will be damaged by the wet working environment and corrosive gas in the working room. Common is winding grounding fault, that is, insulation damage, so that the live part and the shell should not be charged metal parts collide, such as this fault, not only affect the normal operation of the motor, but also endanger personal safety. Therefore, the motor in use, should often check the insulation resistance, but also pay attention to check whether the motor shell grounding is reliable.

8. In addition to regular maintenance of the motor according to the above items, overhaul should be conducted once a year after operation. The purpose of overhaul is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the motor, supplement the missing and worn components of the motor, remove the dust and dirt inside and outside the motor, check the insulation, clean the bearing and check its wear. Find problems and deal with them in time.

In other words, as long as the use is correct, the maintenance is appropriate, the fault is found and handled in time, the working life of the motor is very long.