What are the main causes of motor burnout?

2020-05-27 18:14

What are the main causes of motor burnout?

1. Motor overload for a long time, stator current greatly exceeds the rated current, motor overheating.

2. The motor starts frequently, too long starting time or too short starting interval will lead to too high temperature rise of motor.

3. Phase to phase short circuit or grounding and winding turns will increase winding current, unbalanced three-phase current will make motor overheat.

4. The mechanical fault caused by dragging will increase the output of the motor, or the motor will jam or the speed will drop sharply, resulting in the current surge and overheating of the motor.

5. The working system of the motor does not match the working system of the load. For example, the motor of the short cycle working system is used to drive the load with continuous and long-term operation.

6. There are too many defects in the cooling ribs of the enclosed motor shell, which reduce the heat dissipation area; or the protection motor fan is blocked, which will lead to poor ventilation and high temperature rise of the cooling motor.