How to distinguish the quality of electric vehicle motor

2020-09-01 17:16

As we all know, electric vehicles have four major parts: motor, battery, controller and charger. What's more, it's about the electric vehicle's endurance. Today, I'd like to explain how to quickly distinguish the quality of electric vehicle motors!

1、 Look at the shell

The appearance of electric vehicle motor with good outer plating is generally bright, while the refurbished motor is gray and dim. In addition, we can also see the trademark of electric vehicle motor and whether it has 3C certification. After all, electric vehicle motor conforming to industry standards will be more guaranteed.

2、 Listening motivation

In the test run, the consumer can feel whether the power is sufficient when starting with a load, and the motor with insufficient power is likely to cut corners on the motor coil.

3、 Feel the temperature

After the electric vehicle motor stops operation, consumers can use their hands to sense the temperature. The lower the temperature, the better the heat dissipation and performance of the motor.

4、 Test resistance

1. Test the quality of AC three-phase motor, which can be measured with a multimeter: test whether the resistance value of a / B / C three-phase is equal. The larger the value difference, the worse the performance of electric vehicle motor, and the greater the motor power, the smaller the resistance value.

2. Test the AC single-phase motor. Use a multimeter to measure the winding leads. If there is no broken wire, both of them meet the requirements, and the motor performance is good; turn the multimeter to 1K or 10K resistance, measure the two leads of the capacitor, quickly deflect the pointer to the right and slowly return to the left capacitor, then the capacitor is better.

3. Check the quality of DC motor. Use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the commutators. If the voltage between two pieces has the same rule, the winding is normal.

The above are some common methods to judge the quality of electric vehicle motor. For ordinary consumers, the fourth one is more complicated, and the first three are more practical. In addition, small make-up warm tips: electric vehicles do not ride in the water. In case of rain, electric vehicle parking should also pay attention to rain, in case of water short circuit will cause damage to parts, shorten the service life of electric vehicle motor.