Common motor of electric motorcycle

2020-09-02 10:30

The motors commonly used in electric motorcycle electric vehicles can be divided into: Digital high-efficiency frequency conversion motor, 800W full disc motor, 1500W motor, V8 nuclear magnetic power motor, etc. The following is a brief introduction of the motor features. Multi electric vehicle information please enter the electric vehicle network product library.

Electric vehicle digital high-efficiency frequency conversion motor: the digital frequency conversion control system has no noise, and the excellent speed change system enables the electric vehicle to achieve zero start climbing in the reasonable operation, so as to solve the problem of climbing man in the electric vehicle running on the road, and can effectively protect the motor controller from being burned by large current in the climbing operation. 800W full plate motor of electric vehicle: it can start smoothly, drive efficiently and brake harmoniously. It has strong power, high efficiency, large starting torque and strong overload capacity. 800W full plate motor, even in the process of driving can also achieve zero start climbing. 1500W motor of electric vehicle: fast start, stable, no noise.

At the same time, it can produce strong torque, with strong power, long driving distance, long battery life and low power consumption. Electric vehicle V8 nuclear magnetic power motor: strong power, high torque, high efficiency, low energy consumption, starting flat, mountain temperature, climbing fast, continued president, voice is small. The high strength aluminum alloy wheel hub is treated with convex bright light, and there is no carbon brush, gear and other wearing parts. Under the action of magnetic force, the rotor maintains a constant air gap with the stator, and there is no dry friction in the operation. The long-distance work is not too hot. The performance is stable and reliable, and no maintenance is required

Electric vehicle motor does not turn ice teach you to solve, the motor does not rotate the reason analysis, in the case of electricity, open the switch lock. Using a multimeter to measure the voltage of the motor lead can determine the fault of the circuit and control circuit. The specific measurement method is to use multimeter dc gear measuring controller (2,3) or motor lead, rotate the speed control knob to measure whether there is voltage, then the fault can be detected. If there is voltage in the measurement result, it is determined that the motor is broken or the lead from the controller to the motor is open circuit, which should be removed. If there is no voltage in the measurement result, it is determined that there is a fault in the control circuit, and the next inspection should be carried out.